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We always choose the best of the best of world's burlesque and this powerhouse dubbed The Energiser Honey is no exception.

Welcome our first headliner for 2022 sixth edition, Sweetpea from USA.

Sweetpea is hailed as a conductor of sextricity and sought after for her raw power, elegant intensity, and her audience-seducing prowess. She began her burlesque love affair in 2004, pioneering the neo-burlesque revival in Minneapolis, and has become an international icon since, headlining festivals and events around the globe.


Named in the top 50 burlesque figures in the world for six consecutive years, she's also a six-time competitor & a multiple title-holder for the Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF). "The Energizer Honey" has volunteered for the past decade as BHoF's Head of Legends Matters. She’s the pro domme Queen Pea, owns Sovereign Tease Productions, coaches as The Health Hussy, as well as mentors performers around the globe.

Sweetpea Headliner 2022  Bohemian Czech Burlesque Festival.jpg
Misty Lotus

Our dear second queen from 2017, the incomparable Misty Lotus form Switzerland is back with her mystical and powerful burlesque.

We missed her greatly in our line-up of queens in the last edition but this year she is finally coming back to tease you.

Voted Top 10 performers of mainland Europe 2020 in 21st Century Burlesque she is the queen of fire tassels sanctioned by legend Satan's Angel.

​She is a thrilling Indo-Swiss burlesque performer and fire artist specializing in fire eating and tantalizing tease, based in Switzerland and loves luscious costumes and high value of entertainment.

Her sultry and mystical performances, inspired always by female sensuality, power and sexuality, range from a poetic fan dance to a dynamic fire show. Her power on stage is undeniable and she marvels her audience with riveting portrayals of enchanting characters.


As a producer, she has organized multiple events in Berlin and Switzerland.

She opened the Swiss Burlesque Academy in 2019 where Swiss burlesque enthusiasts benefit from her years of experience as a full time professional artist. She is well known to engage, encourage and motivate her students to reach their goals, be it accepting and loving their body, or starting to perform in professional shows.

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