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Bohemian Czech Burlesque Festival Audience 2018 Queen.jpg

The third festival has been all we could have wished for.

With new main sponsor, sparkling wines MAVAM with glittery effect, we have soared to new highs.


Brno show sold out 8 days before the festival and what a show it was again with unforgettable athmosphere. 

The third festival hosted record number of 68 performers from 13 countries and also record number of stall holders from all over the world at the Bohemian Market. This event was bustling more then ever with the tunes of our fantastic live band The Beatifuls. Three fun fashion shows by Jane Bond, Caresse lingerie and Manon fetish got everybody talking. 

Our star headliners Jo Weldon from USA, Tronicat La Miez from Germany and Sina King from Australia stole the show when they turned up for their Q&A in their Hilton dressing gowns. 

The competition night was the celebration of Slavic burlesque as both titles went to Slavic countries. The hilarious Carmen routine won the Queen title for Magie Noire from Slovakia and magical Snowqueen brough the Bohemian Princess title to Rose de Noir from Poland, one of only two performers, who have performed at all three of our festivals. Rose also won newly established Legend Choice Award awarded by our resident legend from France, Miss Botero that carried a special custom made prize and mentoring by Miss Botero.

The third Bohemian Burlesque Festival was simply a blast. 

Bohemian Czech Burlesque Festival poster 2018.jpg
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