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Bohemian Czech Burlesque Festival venue Divadlo metro audience.jpg

Our fourth year of th festival was our biggest event so far. We have moved all our Brno operation to our new regular residency venue in Cabaret des Péchés and we have added a new evening show there for Saturday called Festival Encore, which was running parallel to our Bohemian Queen Night in Prague and featured two acts each from selected festival performers.

Our Queen night was very tight this year so apart from the winning Bohemian Queen Setty Mois from Germany and Bohemian Princess Jimminy Cricket from Italy, we have decided to give one more title, the Most Bohemian to Rudy Ruby from Spain. The winners recieved amazing hand made crowns by Galeb and many other prizes. Our headliners excelled as judges as well as on stage in the second part of the evening. We welcomed the fantastic one of a kind award winning duo Kitten&Lou from Seattle USA, the unimitable Hedoluxe from Germany, elegant Ebony Silk from UK and our 2018 Bohemian Queen Magie Noire.

All the 65 performers had a great time as many videos and photos show. and we can´t be prouder of all the amazing artistry from all over the world that they brought to our stages. We are very much looking forward to the anniversary fifth year.

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