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Dirty Martini workshop: Ultimate Guide to Knocking them Dead

Sunday 13.11 at 12:00–13:45 - Tribellis (Fügnerovo náměstí 1866/5, Prague)

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This is a workshop focusing on burlesque character and proper stage deportment.


Have you always wondered why some people “have it” and some people don’t? When you see a performer that seems to not only own what they’re doing, but also the stage around them and the seat you are sitting in, do you ask what it is that they've got that makes them so special?


Do you wonder how it’s possible that a performer can capture an audience and make you feel as if they are looking right at you?


Having “it” is not a birthright; it’s a technique that can be learned. The mystery is now solved. Let Miss Dirty Martini teach you the building blocks of stage personality and let her help you to bring out your inner diva! Experience exercises that develop an awareness of personal space and help to highlight the importance of the space that an individual performer carves out within their stage environment.


Use Dirty Martini’s years of performance experience as a solo artist and member of the corps de ballet to guide you through the process of developing your individuality and importance as a performer that will make you stand out from the crowd.


*Places limited and this workshop will fill up so book now..
Workshop is 90 min and the rest of the time is for questions, photo taking, photo signing etc.

Pay via paypal in link or to account 2101084556/2010 FIO bank
Cost 750 CZK, for all 5 workshops, 10% discount

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