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Scarlett Martini workshop: Floorwork- sensuality on your knees!

Friday 11.11 at 16:30–18:00 - Zig-Zag Dance studio (Dlouhá 20, Prague)

We start stretching and warming up our bodies in order to make movements more fluent and harmonic. 

Then we'll start to approach the floor with different "falling" techniques, either with and without a chair, exotic sexy and spectacular movements in order to underline our femininity.
This part includes also some chairdance.

You will learn some technical tricks to link and put together the movements learnt during the first part into a smooth choreography 
Then we'll introduce accessories such as boas and stockings.
Once you'll be in control of the movements we'll try to use the same choreography or part of it but with different moods and music to accent the importance of the interpretation according to your stage character.
At the end you'll all be sexy fierce tigers able to seduce and knock out your selected victim! 

What to wear:
Comfortable clothes in which you feel beautiful and sexy (/Body/leggins,collant), dancing shoes or confortable heels.
A pair of socks for the fist part

Mininum 5 attendees

Pay via paypal in link or to account 2101084556/2010 FIO bank
Cost 750 CZK, for all 5 workshops, 10% discount

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