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Sixth annual Bohemian Burlesque Festival: 17th to 2oth of November 2022. 

The Biggest Burlesque event in the Czech republic

Bohemian Burlesque Festival is the biggest burlesque event in the Czech republic, formerly called Bohemia. We invite all the world bohemians, burlesque and cabaret performers to join us for this amazing weekend in magical Prague,

full of history and old world charm and in the cool hip city of Brno.

The annual Bohemian Burlesque Festival was founded to promote

the art of burlesque and cabaret in the Czech republic and in Central and Eastern Europe, to foster cooperation in the European region and to welcome performers of all ages, sizes and genders from around the world to the burlesque heart of Europe.

Watch this video from our 2016 festival to get the taste of our past years.

Bohemian Burlesque Festival 2017, Prague Burlesqu, Brno Burlesque
Bohemian Burlesque

Bohemian Burlesque was founded by Angelica G. L´Amour in 2013. Its mission is to produce lavish burlesque and cabaret events in the Czech republic and in New Zealand, which is Angelica´s adopted home country. Bohemian Burlesque has produced the first international burlesque show in the Czech republic and the first ever burlesque show in Brno with four international guests in September 2013 in prestigous venues like Lucerna cinema and Semilasso. 


The format under Kabaret BurLesk show brand was to do two shows in one weekend, one in Prague, one in Brno. BB went on to produce five more shows under this brand. In 2015 BB produced the first Bohemian Cabaret in New Zealand and then the first annual Bohemian Burlesque Festival in 2016, followed by new monthly shows season of Bohemian Cabarets in Prague in 2017.


The name was chosen to increase the knowledge of the original meaning of the word Bohemian-Czech, among English speakers. Back in the days the French thought, the gypsies came from the kingdom of Bohemia, hence they called them bohemians and that is how the better known meaning of the word came to be derived. We in burlesque are certainly socially unconventional and in the arts, so the derived meaning is a perfect fit too.

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Angelica G. L´Amour

Angelica has been dancing and performing in various styles for 20 years. She went from ballet early on to finding her element in ballroom and latin dancing. She worked as a gogo/podium dancer, was part of a modern dance troupe and trained in belly dance and flamenco. She discovered burlesque in New Zealand in late 2011 and immediately fell in love with this genre and its potential for full artistic expression and celebration of femininity and confidence.

She is called the ´True Bohemian´. Angelica is fiery yet romantic, raunchy yet subtle, like an angel with a devil inside or the other way round depending on what she wants to show you first. She loves to put these polarities into her burlesque and blend a variety of styles from classic to neo.

Angelica has won the title of first runner up at Miss Burlesque NZ 2015 and second runner up in 2014. She performs at various show in Australasia and around Europe and at international burlesque festivals including the Australian and New Zealand Burlesque festivals, Como Lake, Torino and Taorminal in Italy, Perth in Australia, Bavarian festivla in Germany and the prestigious Show Me Burlesque Festival in St. Louis USA, where she performed in 2015 and 2016. Upon her return to Europe, she now performs all over the continent and even as far as Iceland. After three USA tours in 2019 she did big homecoming tour of NZ and Australia. She has headlined shows in Germany, France and Australia and has been invited as a special guest judge for Taormina Burlesque Festival, Torin Burlesque festival as well as for Burlesque Idol Canberra.

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